RedMist Dedstruction – Album Launch Show Live @ Ceder Room, Barnsley

Barnsley’s RedMist Destruction has garnered much love from the music press in recent months. We haven’t had a band grace the pages of the music press for quite some years and now both have been heavily featured in both Metal Hammer and Terrorizer magazine and even featured on the latter’s Thrash Metal special last year as a ‘one to watch’. The band has been lucky enough to have been invited to play support for some of the biggest bands out on the metal scene, inlcuding Cannabis Corpse and most recently Huddersfield’s Evile.

2012 can only get better for the bro’s as they have been announced as part of the bill for Hammerfest IV and will be playing alongside one of the originators of the genre; Anthrax. So how do they cut it live?

First the support.

Local thrash upstarts, Beyond Driven are all hightops and skinny jeans but beyond the image they have the tunes to back it up. A definate for fans of old school Anthrax, Metallica and Testemant.  6/10

G.U. Medicine have been on the scene for nearly ten years. Along the way they have played with some of the biggest names in rock and have even played Download. However, last year the band hit a set back when long term vocalist Lee departed company with the band. Now, guitarist Ryan has steppeed up and is now on vocal duties.

GUM are a totally different band now. Much more raw in all aspects and now even when playing old tracks, they all sound new and fresh; indeed a different band altogether. In the middle of their killer of set, they announced that shortly GUM would be no more, ready for a fitting rebirth and returning as their next incarnation. So, while we await their new name, we get some of the dirtiest, heaviest rock and roll around and in Ryan and Rik, we have two of most charismastic and energetic musicians to grace the dives of Barnsley. This band have never not been worth your three quid.

Fifteen years ago, before GUM, the members were originally Sunlounger and Purple>Sticky>Punch – then two of best bands in town. Now we have another amazing band to look forward to. 8/10


And so, the crowd moves in down to the stage and in seconds the circle pits start.

This band sound like real proffesionals and you can see that playing with the likes of Evile as realy paid off for them. Unlike a lot of the new Thrash bands out there, RedMist Destruction have no image. No hightops here. No skinnies. All, bad beards, knackered jeans, 8string guitars (Prog?) and a sexy fretless bases! Nah. No image. It is and always has been all about aggresive, heavy thrash and RMD have it in fucking bucketloads.

Opening with Cancer of Man from their selt titled EP, you know they mean business and each number they throw at you like a killer shotput. We hears elements of Slayer and Discharge and for me, whether they like it or not, I hear a definate anthemic edge of hardcore bands such as Gallows or even Amen. I got to a point half way through, where I thought, shit, they’ve played all of their best tracks already – Coroner, Terrorist and the singalong Strive to Belong but I was so wrong, even some of the weaker tracks on their album really shine live.

The band are note perfect and never tire. And for me, hearing Noble Death live, was a massive improvement. On plastic, this was a let down for me, but here the instrumental track is played with grace on that 8string axe. Like I say… it’s not about image. You don’t bring a fucking 8string unless you mean to make it sing.

I had the pleasure of hearing an unmastered copy of their debut Nobility in Death last year and I too, just like all the bro’s down the front have my favourites.

The crowd loved it and tonight was a real celebration of true home grown talent. RMD have all of the tools to make it in 2012 and i definately wish them all the best.


  • Cancer of Man
  • Intoxicated Hatred
  • Eternity Deprived
  • The Conroner
  • El Capitan
  • Strive to Belong
  • Terrorist?
  • Only Human
  • The Nobile Dead
  • Prison
  • He who Suffers
  • Herbert West – Reanimator
  • Fucking Destroy


Also check out my review of their album at my old page here: Jason Reviews

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