CalatrilloZ live @ The Polish Club, Barnsley









After Dusk is a monthly evening of gothic/alternative live music. Nikki Szkliniarz , the evening’s organiser definitely isn’t scared about going further afield than his own doorstep to find bands to play. For their first event he secured Sarah Jezebel Deva (ex Cradle of Filth), then in December a fantastic Rammstein tribute band. In January, Dark Wave band Last July came all the way from Cambridge and now we have London based CalatrilloZ, featuring members from as far afield as Brazil and Italy. Nikki is definitely focused on bringing the finest and most varied acts from all around the UK to The Polish Club and the venue is all the better for it.

CalatrilloZ are a difficult band to define and as they wear black and white theatrical face paint (al la Kiss, Dresden Dolls, Killing Joke and countless Black Metal bands) and are playing a goth night, many would be put off from seeing them straight away. This could be their downfall as this bands would appeal to soooo many more people.

Vocalist Mr. Z is one hell of a singer; operatically trained and able to hit those high notes with no effort but believe me, this guy is no Justin Hawkins or Coverdale parody (thank God). With his makeup he looks like a young Jaz Coleman but his stage presence is more the showman Paul Stanley. I have never seen anyone combine Serg Tankian, Paul Stanley and Jaques Brel in one act.

Musically, the band, consisting of  Azriel (guitar), Yama (drums) and Ohen (bass) are tight and highly talented.

They describe themselves as rock opera; but imagine a Vaudeville System of a Down and you’d be nearer the mark. Taking elements of progressive metal, cabaret, opera, glam and classic rock; these guys would appeal just as much to fans of Dresden Dolls as they would fans of Rush or Deep Purple.

Songs Z The Psychopath and Dying Love Sonata maybe define their sound the best, but having cast their net so wide, it will prove difficult to find their fan base on mass.

However, the gig was definitely a special night for The Polish Club, so much so that CalatrilloZ are booked to play again in December.

I will be deducting one point as they did repeat a song for the encore – as good as it was, I would have maybe been interested to hear them reinterpret someone else’s song in their style.

Definitely look out for them on the live circuit. These guys are a band to experience in the flesh. Being labelled as a goth is a disservice to the band, as they are much, much more than this. Their studio sound is a little to Euro Metal for my liking but that definitely won’t stop me from seeing them again.

Rating: 9/10

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