More than one in three of us will still get cancer at some point. Cancer Research UK’s work is vital. It is funded entirely by the public and will help ensure that millions more people survive.

Everyone who reads this will know someone who has had or has been affected by cancer and on a weekend full of local music based fundraisers, local musician and drum teacher Dave Nutter delivers Remember the Fallen to raise money for Cancer Research UK after he and his girl friend lost someone dear to them to cancer.

And he’s done everyone proud by raising over £200, so a massive thank you to the bands for their time, everybody who came along to support and donate, The Cedar Room and of course Dave for putting it all together.

And now for the music. Four very different bands, from the melodic, to the light to in yer face aggressive Thrash. He’s what I thought.

Doused 7/10

Although they’ve been playing together for a few years now, Doused have only recently been playing on the live scene. And yeah, they may be a little rough around some of those edge but they really are a decent melodic metal band and at their best when throwing out prog like post-grunge tunes.

It’s the Copeland brothers that standout with a vocal and bass style that sound like they have a big Tool influence and although I think their choice of covers (Nirvana and Cameo) were a bad move and unsuited to Lee’s voice, these guys are definitely one to watch out for. They have all the right moves and only need to build on what they already have.


Shermer 8/10

An Alt.Rock band from Sheffield, Shermer  despite only being a three piece get a quite a big,  atmospheric  sound. Tom’s vocals are leaning more towards the indie end, resulting in a sound that more Hope of the States or very early Feeder. In fact Tom’s voice reminds me at times of a young Grant Nichols, and having one of the best post-grunge albums of the 90’s in Polythene, that is no bad thing at all.


Hitmoni 7/10

These guys are the poster boys of Barnsley’s rock scene with their pop tinged metal. Bringing their studio put to the stage means they have a wealth of electronics and samples to broaden their already big sound and also means they can all have a drink at the same time during those musical interludes.

In fact, I remember now thinking, they need to be dirtied up a little. The songs are well crafted and you can tell that these guys are proficient enough to make it, but it’s just not my kind of thing and doesn’t seem as authentic or raw as I usually like it.

RedMist Destruction 9/10

RMD have had a year that no one could imagine. Having graced the pages of the international music press and having shared stages with main players from the world of Thrash, the band of bro’s take to the stage as headliner’s and rightly so and even for those not into bludgeoningly loud Thrash (I took my Pop-music loving sister) you cannot but help be impressed by their technical prowess, John’s charisma as fantastic front man, their ferocity and their ability to write what are actually really well crafted and anthemic songs. Terrorist, Coroner, Cancer of Man and Re-Animator impress as usual and a new song only written earlier that day, Clowns Can Get Away With Murder adds a new level of black humour to their set.

Overall, a great line-up and a great night. Literally something for everyone’s tastes. More of this should be done and so here’s to hopefully the next Remember The Fallen.

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