From Catwalk to Cover @ The Civic


Photography exhibitions are great and always popular and they will always attract fans of that genre but add in another element such as fashion and it does what a place like The Civic should always do.

It opens up the public gallery to people that many not normally step inside.

Here, Catwalk to Cover and its accompanying exhibition of local fashion photography does the job with aplomb.

The main exhibition was hung really well with photography from the world’s major fashion shows covering every wall. Catwalk, front row, backstage and front covers; there were many recognisable faces, whether they were fashion editors, celebrities, models, actors, musicians and politicians.

In the centre of the gallery; a beautiful selection of couture dresses by some of the biggest fashion houses, including Prada and Anna Sui, which complimented perfectly the images of Largerfeld, Jacobs, McQueen and Westwood best known designs. These displayed alongside fashion marketing paraphernalia, shoes, magazine spread and promotional video look books was the perfect mix.

What was just equally as impressive was the exhibition in the Panorama; a selection of evening dresses made by 2nd year fashion students at Barnsley College and a display of photography by Nicola Hyde of Dolly Photography; utilising local models, in local locations and all wearing local designers’ garments.

This is easily The Civic’s finest exhibition of 2012 to date and probably it’s most important.

The exhibition, which is on loan from London’s Fashion and Textile Museum only finished it’s premier run there one month ago, so we are very lucky to have that here and indeed just as lucky to have the obvious wealth local fashion talent that turned heads just as much as internationally famous.

If you have a spare half hour or indeed longer, do drop in to one of the finest galleries in Yorkshire and experience something a little different to the norm.

Catwalk to Cover @ The Gallery

Nicola Hyde of Dolly Photography @ The Panorama

From Wednesday 28th March to Friday 8th June

Times: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Sun 10am-4pm


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