Skindred + Therapy? + Black Spiders + Cavorts.

10th April 2012

For the full review of all four bands, hit this link…


They’re lucky to be in the north. If this was a London gig; they’d be playing to no sod at seven o’clock! The third full auditorium is lucky to see these guys. This is CAVORTS first show apparently, but those in the know, are aware that these guys have been going for some time both on a local and national level in various bands and incarnations since the late 90’s; Sunlounger, Purple>Sticky>Punch, Errander and most recently the quite successful G.U. Medicine. After, vocalist Lee departed last year, guitarist Ryan stood in and the whole dynamic of the band changed drastically.

Although each version of the band had been described as dirty, heavy, groove laden rock n fucking roll, Cavorts are much, much rawer. If GUM were dangling their rock and roll balls in your face, then CAVORTS are smashing your face in with them.

Each song takes the grooviest elements of Mastodon, the unrepentant rock and roll of Therapy? and the energetic technicality of Refused. ‘Say Something to Someone Else is a highlight; showing that only a few songs in that they can 100% turn an unfamiliar crowd, even if the sound mix wasn’t top notch.

SCORE: 8/10


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