Opening with local singer Brandon Gray, this night of live music at what was Paddy McGinns and is now Who Knows What starts off well. The pub it pretty packed and the poor choice of beer is flowing.

Coming across like a more soulful Frank Turner; we get covers of The White’s Stripes’ Conquest, Lana Del Ray’s Video Games and Mumford and Son’s Cave among others. Although there was an abrupt ending to his set, I’ll look forward to catching him in the future and hopefully hearing some self-penned tunes.


Hoyland’s Mark Jackson has recently returned to the live circuit playing support to many; now with guitarist Steve Dalton in tow, they are now known as Mark Jackson’s Criminal Waste of Talent and play a wonderful blend of austerity shoegaze. It seems everyone but my girlfriend loves Mark’s spoken word, half sung half gobbed songs. Set regulars Long Day and Greggs, people now know words for word and are as enjoyable as ever. I even saw that miserable twat behind the bar raise smile on the latter. Tonight they debut two new songs, Dumped By Text and These Things I’ll Do For You; the first is fantastic ode to the pro’s and con’s on social media and getting chucked in a modern age but the latter feels a little overlong. Mark pulled out one of those harmonicas that no-one can play on Hole In My Trouser Knee and the finale… Real Men Have a Shed is triumphant; a singalong about modern masculinity, plant pots, wooden slats and falling asleep watching shite. It’s a gem and always is the perfect way to end a set.


Now, I’ve never really heard Mynas before and despite them having numerous line-ups and incarnations and this month seeing their return to the live scene after a wee break, this one is my breaking-in.

I was expecting to hear some kind of St Etienne or Belle and Sebastian kind of lark, but instead, it appeared that each member played to their skillset, bringing in all kinds of influences. Del brings in a Marr style of guitar, while Chris definitely has some funk in his bass and the keyboard brings in a 60’s psych feel to proceedings. It’s a great mix which sometimes sounds indie, sometimes even latin pop. It’s original… or at least for Barnsley it’s original.

I’m not a fan of in-between song banter; especially in-netween song banter about song keys, but they make up for it in tunes and with only one cover in the set; a lush version of Noisette’s Atticus, most of the songs focus on Sarah Evans’ lovely vocal. Although her tone is a deep velvet, she can definitely hit the high notes too – a bit of a Tracey Thorn.

Bliss, Atticus and Sleep Tight were all highlights.The set flew by in no time and to be honest, I was left thinking it was a shame there wasn’t more.

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