Released in 2010, The Glavins’ self-titled EP is five tracks of Mersybeat influenced skipping rhythms, much like that of The Coral. I Still and The Boy You Sold shows the bands love for The La’s in a summer of ’97 ode to the bright side of Britpop.

On the other hand you also have tracks like February, which starts off with an Ian Brown-like soft croon but ends with an Eastern tinged take on Arctic Monkey’s; incorporating the same Indian influence that bands like The Beatles or The Stones Roses so often used.

Closing on Time Machine, with a vocal that’s a great mix Liam Gallagher meets Alex Turner and a middle-section of over the top Russian folk influenced solos and oomph,  similar to that of DeVotchka and a blinder of a track to end on.

SCORE: 8/10

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