Over a number of years in the mid-eighties, CRY garnered quite a following; meeting critical acclaim from the likes of Kerrang  and other rock magazines of the time.  They had two popular singles, Crazy Days, Crazy Nights and Give Her An Ice Cream And Watch Her Melt.

Originally forming in 1985 with Lotus Cruise singer/bassist Dave Pearsall (they also had a hit with Billy’s Got a Gun), CRY even headlined the famous Marquee Club in London and now nearly twenty five years later, the band are back together and releasing a new album.

Opening with A Year and a Day, you got the riffs and harmonics of early Van Halen with the melodies of The Wildhearts until you bump into that sudden and unexpected Ska-like middle section; and that catchy chorus has those multi-layered vocals Def Leppard did so well. Supermad and Sin City both have elements of Motley Crue and Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is Alice Cooper’s snarl fused with Priest’s groove.

I’m not a fan of all of the samples clipped from movies that start many of the songs and Rocket Baby 54321 and Last Train to Rocknrollsville are all massively cheesy but most of this classic rock, glam metal schtick is and if you know that before you dive in, it’s quite enjoyable. Lines like ‘perfect bitch fuckin’ round with my head’ made me laugh out loud and you can see these guys take as much from new bands like Steel Panther as they do the original metal bands.

However, it is actually light relief to have a ballad end the record and more throughout the record would have been welcomed and a good balance. Take Me With You is played with heart and panache, with lighter swinging backing vocals and the obligatory cliff-top guitar solo.

Barnsley’s Cry first full length album is like a homage to the finest British rock groups of yesteryear; whether it be the NWOBHM era or the amazing BritRock bands of the early nineties such as Therapy? A fine achievement.


SCORE: 7/10



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