Dave Pearsall is the vocalist in Barnsley rockers CRY. Origially formed in 1985, the band had a number of chart hits and even headlined London’s famous Marquee. They disbanded after a few years but now nearly twenty five years later, they are back with a new album.

I caught up with Dave to see which albums have influenced him over the years .


The first album I bought was…

The first album I bought with my pocket money was the debut album by The Clash.  I had been secretly listening late at night to the John Peel show and I still remember the night I heard ‘White Riot’ and ‘Career Opportunities’.  I saved my pocket money until I had enough and caught the bus into town and proudly walked into Casa Disco and asked for the Clash album.  I went straight home and played it non-stop for 4 days until my dad took it off me.  I loved it then and I still love it now.



The album that got me through my school was…

I was 14 in 1977 when punk broke big time and over the next few years albums by The Clash, particularly ‘Give Em Enough Rope’, The Jam ‘All Mod Cons’ and The Stranglers ‘Rattus Norvegicus’.  Before then my schoolmates were listening to Deep Purple, Rush, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin etc, bands I didn’t come to appreciate until much later in life.



My favourite album artwork is…

London Calling’ by The Clash because it harks back to another of my all time idols album, the debut album by Elvis Presley in 1956 when he was the coolest dude on the block by a country mile.


My favourite movie soundtrack album is…

Has to be ‘Detroit Rock City’, a film about four teenage KISS fans trying to get to a gig at the Kobo Hall by their heroes and the ‘escapades’ they get up to.  Gene Simmons directed the film too I think.

The album I heard and made me realise that I wanted to play music was…

I don’t want to sound like a cracked record but again The Clash debut album.  It was the record that made me want to go out and buy a cheap second hand guitar; a cheap combo from the catalogue and start bashing out three chords.  Before then music seemed to be played by technical virtuosos and out of reach of kids like me.


The one album I have that people would laugh at, but I ain’t embarrassed about is…

Probably ‘Slayed’ by Slade.  My mum bought it for me coz i was a huge Slade fan as a kid, but it rocks and has songs on it that are still being covered by bands over 40 years after it was released, and that can’t be bad.


If my house was on fire and I was only able to save one of my records, it would be…

I’ve already had 2 full record/cd collections stolen over the years and the first record I always replace is ‘Earth v The Wildhearts’, it is a classic and much underated debut album that should have made Ginger and the boys as big as Guns n Roses…..but at least they stayed  cool :O)


The record I lost my virginity to was…

Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours’ and thats all i have to say about that.


One amazing new record I’m listening to right now is…

I love the new Slash album featuring Miles Kennedy, its old school rock n roll but sounds fresh and now.  Slash is still one of the best guitarists in music, not just rock, and Miles Kennedy is a top singer.  Check out the track ‘Anastacia’ and tell me that don’t hit the spot.

Dave and his band CRY’s album Growing Old Disgracefully is out now. They play The Lucorum on Friday 22nd June.

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