Dale plays guitar in CAVORTS and used to play guitar in GU Medicine. Cavorts are currently recording an EP at Orion Studios, Rotherham due for release autumn 2012. Cavorts will be going on a UK and Ireland tour in support of Dragon Force with Alestorm and The Defiled.


The first album I bought was…

Appetite for Destruction by Guns ‘N’ Roses. I’d love to say that it was because I was a super cool 9 year old with my little finger on the pulse of rock but in truth it’s because it had swearing in it. After I’d finished sniggering at “Fuck” and “Motherfucker” I got into the guitars and the attitude and it’s been a favourite ever since. One of the all-time greats.


The album that got me through my school was…

Where You Been – Dinosaur Jr. It’s heavy in places it’s always tuneful and with a generous pinch of melancholy thrown in. 1,000,000 guitar solos in there too. J. Mascis rules all jams. Gandalf Motherfucker. When I was a teen it seems like all I wore was my XL Dino T Shirt. I must have fucking stunk. Not to worry I smell good now.


The album I heard and made me realise that I wanted to play music was…

Like many of my age it’d have to be Nevermind by Nirvana. I think this was the album that said to me, “This is simple, a few chords, a solid drummer, a £10 distortion pedal, you can do this” Of course it’s not simple, it’s hard to be so simple. That’s why we sucked arse. But we gave it a go.


My favourite album artwork is…

Animals – Pink Floyd. An album that I heard A LOT as a kid and the artwork used to fascinate me. It awesome that it’s all real too, They had to make a huge inflatable pig and float it near Battersea Power Station.  They even had a sniper to shoot it down if it broke free and floated away too. (which it did, when the sniper wasn’t there. It floated into a farmers field and scared some cows!) When I first went to London and saw that place I was as blown away by that as by any of the traditional “London Sights”. I love Pink Floyd.


My favourite movie soundtrack album is…

Top Gun. Almost the ultimate film. Love story for the ladies, Jet Fighter battles for the chaps and some good clean volleyball based homoeroticism for the gay chaps. Disappointingly no lesbian touchstone though. Stevie Stevens who plays guitar on the Top Gun Theme is Billy Idol’s guitar player. Fact!


The one album I have that people would laugh at, but I ain’t embarrassed about is…

Tangled Up – Girls Aloud. Yes, shocking.. However it’s just a beautifully crafted pop album. There are some real pop gems on there, “Call The Shots” is such a good song I wish I’d written it! I’ve seen them live twice too. Yes I know this makes me sound like a cunt. Maybe I am a cunt… Shit.

If my house was on fire and I was only able to save one of my records, it would be…

My blue vinyl 7” single of I Never Sleep by Nick Oliveri and His Mondo Generator. I was given it on the last day of our tour with Nick when I used to play in GU Medicine. Nick is a super nice bloke, as are the rest of Mondo. I was going through a rough time before that tour but we had such good fun that it got my head back together. It reminds me of the very good times.




If I was to define metal with one record, it would be…

I have an on off love affair with metal. Most modern metal is terrible and there’s only a small portion of it you should devote much time to for fear of becoming a true dick. Basically much of what has been released post 1989 is gash. I can’t pick one record but I’m going to go with the duo of Ride The Lightning / Master of Puppets by Metallica. Metal should sound like metal, it should go chug chug chugga chug and have some fucking great guitar solos in there. I love these two albums nearly as much as I love my children.


The record I lost my virginity to was…

The Blue Album by Weezer. I still listen to this album regularly. I love how it’s so fat and heavy but super tuneful. Rivers Cuomo is a genius songwriter, I’m not altogether down on modern Weezer so much but if anybody slags this album I’ll glass them. Hard. As for the losing the virginity bit it was pretty much like “My Name Is Jonas” a fingerpicking intro, some heavy fuzz and over in 3:24.



One amazing new record I’m listening to right now is…

Dead Set On Living – Cancer Bats. They always deliver the goods. I’ve loved Cancer Bats right from the start and this record is still getting a heavy rotation in my car stereo. They sound like they love doing what they do, they rage hard and play loud. Liam is a great frontman and Scott’s a super talented riff master. What’s not to like?

P.S. Cancer Bats, if you’re reading this please take us on tour. We bring booze.

Visit CAVORTS’ facebook page here

…and see details of their tour with Dragonforce here

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