Black Vines’ four members have all played in various bands over the years ranging from punk to Blues and electronica to grunge; and it’s here they bring all of those influences to the table in Black Vines, on their first EP – and a taste for their forthcoming debut long player.

Opening with Asylum, an infection groove laden riff that is not unlike The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, until it fills out and conjures up the sounds of the bulkier, raw sound of Queens of the Stone Age. The vocals though have much more in common with classic rock territory.  The mid section has great use of a sample from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest intertwined with an early grunge beat and plenty of wah wah.

Book is a much different kind of monster. The verse’s clean, reverb drenched guitar is psychedelic and marries together those distorted vocals perfectly. The jump from verse to chorus and those opening bars of the following track Pensacola pull heavily from the first Foo Fighters debut album; but it’s the heavy contrast between that and the vocal that means it never goes down that punk-lite route and retains that vintage sound throughout.

Each track is a short three minutes and of the three it would be the closer that would have benefited from being lengthened by a minute or so; sounding like they wanted to go into a jam but never quite do. The highlight here is easily Book and it’s the sublime vocal hook in the chorus that really grabs you and don’t let go. I can imagine that then they play live, without the restraints of a studio, they are a much bigger and heavier beast.


Black Vines headline at The Courthouse Barnsley, Friday 6th July.

You can get in contact with the band on their facebook group here.







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