Well, the train down to London was fucking unbearable. Don’t get me wrong… It was definitely a quiet ride, but it was like a sauna in there. Wi-Fi at four quid. No air con. No windows you can open. It was so hot it was making me sleepy AND I HATE NODDING OFF ON TRAINS; especially with a book in my hand that ends up falling onto the person sat next to you.

When the train arrived at Kings Cross Station, it was very quiet… unusually so. Zombie town quiet in fact. It was nice and peaceful and not the Kings Cross I was expecting. I’m normally not a fan of this area of town because it is normally stupidly busy.

I met up with Laura Sparks for a pint at O’Neill’s. Coincidentally, she was also on a train down to London from Edinburgh. She is an old client; now friend of mine.  She is one of just a hand full of people I met in my old gallery in Mayfair who I would consider a mate and would happily chat to anytime out of a work environment. She’s come to London for a job interview and is also off to an Olympic party tomorrow.

We had a good two-hour chat with Guinness until she left and made her way to Queensway for her interview and I’m stayed a little longer for another pint and my laptop.

Had an hour and half to pass before Christa Barraquias comes to collect me and we head off to St Albans, where I’ll be staying for the duration of my trip. I had enough time to go across the road to the British Library to check out this Olympic Exhibition they have there but it turned out my luggage was too big to take inside. Myabe another time…

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony for the London2012 games. I’m not seeing from inside the Olympics Park. In fact I’m not 100% where I’ll be watching it yet. I will be hanging around in Stratford for much of the day though. Oh… nice to see a bunch of upright pianos dotted around St Pancras Station. It’s surprising just how many of those commuters can throw out a decent tune.

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