On Sunday, I was in the good company of Christa and Linda. I went back to The Boot again for one of their infamous Sunday Roasts. Consisting of an enormous platter of beautifully roasted potatoes, very finel home-baked Yorkshire puddings and a plate full of lamb, pork or beef, you also added to that is a separate bowl full of vegetables and yet another bowl full of cauliflower cheese; all complimented by another pint of porter and served by the ever bodacious Danielle.

I couldn’t stick around though because I’d managed to get tickets to the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Yet again, when I surfaced in South Kensington, my phone started playing up; turning itself on and off again. It’s seems this square mile is a Bermuda triangle when it comes to O2 phones!

My chosen Proms show was this years family event. In the past I had seen their family shows, scuh as their Doctor Who special televised. This time, it was the turn of Wallace and Gromit to get the classical music treatment. The totally sold out Royal Albert Hall was full or tittering kids and crying babies. It was an amazing show which fused live classical music with new and old animated films and very much deserves it’s own review. It was funny exciting and awe-inspiring and well worth the surprising ticket price of £6-£12.


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