FEATURE: Brett Jackson’s Studio24

Brett Jackson recently graduated from Leeds University with a BA(hons) in Music Production. Long before that though, he started up his own company called Twenty Four Degrees Audio Services. Based in Barnsley, he offers professional Mobile DJ and Acoustic Performance services for weddings and other events. Twenty Four Degrees also offers all of their state of the art equipment for rental. The job has taken his all around the UK, playing in castles and sculpture parks and it has been through this company that Brett has been able to save enough money up to buy his own recording studio and rehearsal room, Studio 24. Recently opened just off of Pond Street in central Barnsley, Brett gave me a guided tour.

The space consists of a large control room with an Onyx 1640i, a set of BX5a speakers, a Mac and an amazing Korg Electribe EMX-1 for all of your Electronic, Dub-step and House needs. Next door is a very cosy studio/practice room with 16 channel desk, four speakers in each corner, a drum kit with breakables, cymbals and sticks (if they’re needed), a piano, more amps and pre-amps. There is also more equipment available on request for recording.

Brett says that ‘the bands that have been using the space so far love this room as it is a lot cozier that most other spaces out there. Everything is here that they need, even including a decent kitchen and mood lights! McCarthy Vigil and Remains of You have both used the space; as have a couple of new bands called Spittin Feathers and Red Lights. Obviously we want to put the word out there and start getting regular partnerships going. I’ve been in a number of bands before, so I know what different bands are looking for whether they be a guitar based band or dance. We have it all …and I’m always happy to have suggestions thrown at me too, in regards to any other equipment people would like to see here.’

In a time when employment is an all time low, especially for graduates, more and more young people are putting their time and savings into making their passions become viable small businesses, and Brett is a perfect example. ‘I’m renting out the space for £50 a day; and that can be all night long if they want; there are many other rates and options available and I also sometimes have introductory offers for those that want to come and try out the space for the first time.’

Studio24 has off street parking, but for those that don’t want to drive or can’t, just turn up with your guitars and pedals. Everything else is here for you to use.

If you have any questions or simply want to book some time there, feel free to contact Brett on 07403417524.

You can also visit Studio24’s website at www.24audio.co.uk/studio24; or on his facebook or twitter.

Video by Hellequin Films.

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