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I’ve had the pleasure of seeing  Volume Zero a couple of times now this summer. They were a band entirely new to me but I quickly warmed to them. Live, the band are tight and throw out a great mix of metal and pop and vocalist Kirsty’s great vocals play with that same balance too; pleasing fans of both genres. In the last few years they are already garnered quite a following and have supported acts such as During their short existence they have Earned the chances to play with bands such as American post hardcore legends Senses Fail, Twin Atlantic and Elliot Minor.

This, their third EP, is actually much heavier than previous ones and could be an indication of which direction they’re  heading in. The opening title track Heroes is quite frankly, amazing. It reminded me a little of dutch rockers The Gathering or Lacuna Coil and I hate to say it, because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea as this band definitely does not sound like Evenescence; but the production of the album and the vocals do. That is no bad thing; Fallen didn’t sell 17 million copies by sounding like shit but it is that beautifully crafted balance of well written songs, polished pop production and thunderous, heavy riffage that hits the mark yet again. Kirsty’s vocals are powerful and soar and the percussion here is particularly inspiring.

Previous recordings have had more of a punk/emo leaning but this one is definitely a much more technically progressive and impressive beast. It’s the six minute epic, Let the Right One that makes this essential listening; a career best for Volume Zero. One minute it’s the breakdown from BMTH’s Blessed With s Curse mixed with From Autumn to Ashes’ Short Stories with Tragic Endings; the next it’s straight down the uptempo, Paramore route, and it’s all the better for it. It is genuine mature, skilled song writing that keeps you guessing. Kirsty has lashings more attitude than usual too, which is something I always hoped she was capable of.

Closing track 2012  is more straight laced and wouldn’t be out of place on previous EPs but that is not to downplay the quality of it and the breadth of this EP as a whole. If the first two tracks are any indication of where this band are heading, all signs are looking right in their favour. If anything, hearing this makes me want even more attitude, more aggression and more surprises the next time. I’ll definitely see them in a different light the next time I catch a live show. I’ll especially be looking forward to a future long player.

Keep an eye out for Volume Zero because they really are ones to watch.

Volume Zero will be playing Su Casa in Rotherham on the 22nd September. Heroes will be released shortly.

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