Tom Prendergast is easily one of the most talented musicians working the live circuit right now. As well as fronting his own band Shermer, he also plays some nasty drums in Death Metal outfit C.F. Bundy and most recently he teamed up with two members of Redmist Destruction to form Terrae, an instrumental, technical prog-metal band.

I caught up with Tom to find out which were those albums that really made an impact on him.

Words by Jason White and Tom Prendergast.

The first album I bought was…

The Offspring – Smash!

The album that got me through my school was…

The Alkaline Trio – From Here to Infirmary.

My favourite album artwork is…

Sikth, The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild.


My favourite movie soundtrack album is…

That’s a tricky one, probably Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as it’s got Dead Kennedy’s, Dylan, The Stones, Sinatra; and the film is awesome.

The album I heard and made me realise that I wanted to play music was…

This will definitely sound odd but I got into the first Slipknot album ’round about the same time as I started listening to Dashboard Confessional. That mixed with any Alkaline trio album from that time. Can I have three?

Yes, you bloody can – JW

The one album I have that people would laugh at, but I ain’t embarrassed about is…

Jamiroquai’s Travelling Without Moving …Yes!

Nothing wrong with that. Those first three Jamiroquai albums were amazing and soundtracked much of my summer of ’97 – along with Finley Quaye. – JW

If my house was on fire and I was only able to save one of my records, it would be…

My Jurassic 5 LP.

My Saturday Night/Sunday Morning records are…

Saturday night…The Great Southern Trend Kill, Wormwood by Acacia Strain, Supporting Caste and Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes by Propaghandhi, then a massive Hip Hop session; Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled and so on…

Sunday Morning… Jack Johnson’s In between Dreams; a good Album to wake up to!


The record I lost my virginity to was…

I think it was a Badly Drawn Boy record???

One amazing new record I’m listening to right now is…

It’s not so much a record as a collection of tracks – a band called Dirty Loops, they just do covers of tracks but they are quality and the musicians are f**king AWESOME!


TERRAE will be playing The Cedar Room on Fri 21st with Redmist Destruction, The Soulless and Waking Theo. C.F. BUNDY will be playing the Extreme Marquee at BOMfest on Saturday 22nd at 14:15.The band’s new EP Fested will be released shortly. SHERMER play West Street Live on 26th Sept launching a new EP.     …and finally, Tom is working on new solo material and you cann hear some of thoe new songs on his website.

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