A Rock n’ Roll Photoshoot at Madley-Oates Photography

Situated on Spark Lane in Mapplewell, Barnsley, Madley-Oates (run by Olwen and David respectively) have spent the past three years capturing the memories of the local public in celluloid form. Although most of their current portfolio consists of family, pet and baby photos (though I did spot Barnsley’s own Richard Kitson in there) after getting to know Dave and Olwen over the past few months I thought they’d be perfect for my band Majority Vote to book a professional photoshoot with, and I must say the results were perfect.

The atmosphere at the shoot was very laid back and relaxed, we were provided with all the tea and biscuits we could want and we were encouraged to bring along some music to set the mood (which in our bands case was a nice mixture of Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana). Dave had a very professional approach to his photography but he also had the ability to make all of us feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. Outfit changes and shots with our instrument were also welcomed, which gave the shoot that extra bit of glamour.

All in all the final edited pictures were exactly what we wanted, no over-the-top effects just nice and simple solo and group shots, though our group shots now bare an air of poignancy for me personally after the departure of three of our band members. I suppose part of the evocation of those feelings could serve as proof of how good Dave’s photography is. I would thoroughly recommend Madley-Oates Photography to any local band looking for somewhere to get good quality, reasonably priced pictures.

Words by Emily Carney.

Emily is the guitarist and vocalist in Majority Vote and is a regular contributor at Carpe Musica.

Photography by Dave Oates.



2 thoughts on “A Rock n’ Roll Photoshoot at Madley-Oates Photography

  1. Hi Emily, Dave Oates here (not Madley! but that sound OK!) Great review, we had a brilliant night with the band at the studio. Hope us ancient folk didn’t bore you for too long with music talk… Next time I promise to spook you by playing some Faust, Einsterzende Neubauten, Neu!, Coil etc. Emily gave us a copy of their last single ‘Playtime’s Over’ which is a cracker – fast, punky & knowing with a big rich ‘anologue’ sound. I must add something to Alternative Barnsley’s record shop memories ‘cos I spent pocket money at Scene&Heard. Dave Oates, Photographer/Krautrocker.

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