When Diary of a Serial Killer pulled out very last-minute, local favourites Remains of You stepped up to fill tonight’s first support slot. As usual Adam cuts a mean figure on stage. His is a commanding and versatile voice and is about to be put to use in a soon to be launched side-project. Not sure that the backing vocals work though, They seem more fitting for an pop punk outfit. Still though, the music speaks for itself – specifically Retribution, a very decent tune worthy of putting down on plastic. Their closing song (what was it called again?) came across like a fusion of early Machine Head and Chelsea Grin.

P1150542Engraved in Blood meanwhile are a band I’ve never seen before. Something seemed off during the first half of the set and I’m not quite sure what – sometimes it sounded like the drums were out of time. I wasn’t sure whether the band was a ‘comedy’ metal band or not. There is always the usual tongue-in-cheek horror of Death Metal but here there was inflatable dolphins, fake tobacco pipes and vocalist James Quartermaine’s bad american accent used during his in-between song banter. He sounds like Stimpy J. Cat from Ren & Stimpy!
A turning point comes mid-set when James announces that they cancelled a few days off recently and to write a new song called something like Dead and Buried in a Forest Where the Trees Are Also Dead and it’s a Bit Cold. He introduces guitarist Ralph who takes lead vocals in what turns out to be a two second epic howl, much in the same vein of old-school Grindcore. It gets genuine laughs all round and is followed by the band pulling out their best songs for the second half of the set and there is even hints of black metal in the sound.

Headlining is Barnsley’s filthiest Death Metal act, CF Bundy. Now in their sixth year, they are as usual tight as fuck and they have even more groove than the last time I saw them. Their songs are always nasty and they are always funny while being precision perfect.
Addiction is a slow-burning sludge anthem and when Brett introduces the bands new bassist, he says that this is only his third gig with the band and that they’ve only had one practise together before they launch into a short and dirty sweet version of Neglected.
Throughout the set there are hints of Deicide and Sliptknot via Tom Prendergast’s immaculate percussion; and Brett plays with the audience constantly with his Elvis mask and hip swinging. He introduces every song as an ‘original classic’ and the band finish of with their bona-fide genuine classic, Fisted By The Lesser Known Chuckle Brother; a fine way to end the set and great first show for Noize Assault.


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