So I’ve been have a dabble over the last couple of months with Mixcloud and creating radio podcasts. In a way it is a good way to practise for when I present the Alternative Barnsley show in Horizon Radio in the not-too-distant future but it also gives me a chance to play some amazing old and new Barnsley bands alongside the best on the international music scene.
Some of the shows have musical themes, some of them are based around an interview with a local artist/musician. I’m not getting a great deal of listener yet, which I don’t mind as it allows me to get better at speaking on air and editting – both of which I am new to.
I’d love to be able to do one everyday but prep/recording etc takes a whole day and it’s hard to pin down a regular time due to work but hey… I do what I can.

So far I have done the following podcasts:
PODCAST#1 43mins
Interview with Ian McMillan about his early days in the local folk scene, poetry and his influences.
Featuring the following local music: Ian McMillian with The Unthanks, Oscar the Frog, The Ian McMillan Orchestra, Mark Jackson’s Criminal Waste of Talent.

Also featuring a selection of other poet/musicians – Jake Thackary, Gil-Scott Heron, John Cooper Clarke etc.

PODCAST#2 50mins
Interview with Scott from The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican about his influences and previous bands.
Featuring the following local music: The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, The Flux Capacitors, The Schwein Eimer Project, Strawberry Jack.

Also featuring songs by Queen, Tori Amos, Scott Walker etc.

Featuring the following local music: Mr. Moon, Saxon, Party Day, Kate Rusby & Dave Burland, The Juvies, Straight Razor Angels, Full Fathom Five, Sunlounger.

Featuring the following local music: System of Hate, Mark Jackson’s Criminal Waste of Talent, X-Rippers, Kulturkampf, Passion Killers plus 18 other tracks by punk artists.

Featuring the following local music: Toba Caldera, The Black Lamps/Battling Tops, Detail Fiend, Brandon Gray, Crywank, Goldsoul, Grande Casino, Mynas, Aztec Doll, Ivory Tusks plus many other tracks by Alt Rock artists.

I aim to do more podcasts with Metal, Grunge, Folk and maybe even Glam in the future. Basically I want to cover as many local bands as possible and show just how well they stand up when played alongside internationally recognised names.
They stand up very well… as you can imagine. If you have time, I’d love you to have a listen.

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