BOOK posterBarnsley artist Michelle Clarke-Stables has just released an ebook, with hopes that the proceeds of which will help to fund an art project.
The book, Collecting Ingredients for Unforeseen Recipes, is now available for kindle and is an artist’s journey told through found images and true stories via a general comedy of errors – a collection of pieces related to food, nostalgia, people and finding yourself. The ebook is available to purchase and download from the following amazon link:

The art project the book will go towards funding is Familial Gazes. It is a project that has grown and grown over the last six months, due to the increasing interest and feedback created by it. The project is based upon photographs sent to Michelle of inspirational women. She has received some 70+ photographs already. Some of the images will be used to paint from and all sent will be used in a book to accompany the resulting exhibition.
The people and celebrities now involved and backing this project are equally as grand. So far, Michelle has managed to get Maya Angelou, Germaine Greer, Joanna Lumley, Jo Brand, Dame Judy Dench and Sir Michael Parkinson involved, with many more hopefully to follow. Some of the contributions can be seen on Michelle’s blog.

The project is on-going and will be finalised with a series of exhibitions, starting this Autumn. More details of which will follow.

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