It turns out that Mynas will eventually put out a new album, but that will be made up of a number of EPs released sporadically. The first batch of three songs were released late last year as the Bliss EP and the second EP will be issued shortly.
Now a six-piece with violinist April in tow, Mynas are the biggest sounding band around. Rather than keeping all of their aural trickery for the studio, they replicate it perfectly on the road too.

The first track on offer here is Lesion, which opens thunderous drums and amazing John Lord-like stabs at a Hammond. Sarah’s voice is on perfect form; commanding and sounding the most forthright she has ever done. The violin is nive and high in the mix, adding an eastern (Europe, not Yorkshire) flavour to the song. Lyrically cutting, as is that blistering guitar solo. Mynas at their darkest. Literally, this song has everything and yet I’m left wanting more.

On Made, once again each instrument shine. Lush clean guitar, bass-organ, sweeping violin providing the main riff and this time Del on lead vocals, with on backing.

The final track is Sleet Tight, one which should now be well know to those that have seen the band live. Here the song has a weightier sound. Bass heavy and a faint distorted backing vocal, and then an almighty middle-section and turn everything up to ten and finishes with Sarah’s perfect high-notes, which is more subtle here than on previous versions but just as amazing.

There are no other bands out there like Mynas. Before these recordings and the addition of April Lodge as the sixth member, the band were already one of the best out there. Now, I can say they are untouchable in their field. Mynas should have a deal and Mynas should be playing big venues to big audiences. No one makes intelligent, lyrically smart and damn-right fulfilling pop songs like Mynas do. Every single element to this band is perfectly played and an absolute joy to listen to.

You can listen to Mynas’ previous records on their bandcamp > mynas.bandcamp.com and follow them on their facebook page www.facebook.com/mynaspage


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