reworkedI recently brought you exclusive interviews and news about what to expect in the new Experience Barnsley museum and discovery centre which opens in Barnsley Town Hall on Thursday 27th June. We revealed that in amongst the permanent exhibition spaces, archives centre, new cafe will be a new temporary exhibition space which will feature a series of ongoing exhibitions allowing visitors to explore Barnsley’s history is very unique ways.

We are pleased to announce that the first exhibition taking place at the new Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre this June will be called ‘Re-worked’ and will include eight selected Victorian portraits of eight Barnsley characters, each reworked and represented by eight locally based artists.

Barnsley Museums say that ‘in this, the first temporary exhibition to take place in the new Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre, see the album, its portraits and the works of a wonderfully eclectic selection of the artists (established and emerging) each making a new piece work in response to this fascinating series of lavishly staged Victorian portraits of eccentric and influential Barnsley characters from the period.’

I can reveal that one of the artists chosen to take part in the exhibition is Michelle Clarke-Stables. Below is the image Michelle has been given to paint, which is of a man called Joseph Wood. This is the first time Michelle will be painting a male after months of painting purely females portraits for her ‘Snapshots of Familial Gazes’ project, which explores the inspirational females in a number of people’s lives. The project has included contributions from people all over world including Maya Angelou, Germaine Greer, Joanna Lumley, Jo Brand, Dame Judy Dench and Sir Michael Parkinson.

Joseph Wood a Pauper

Joseph Wood a Pauper

27th June – 1st September
Featuring work by participating artists Michelle Clark-Stables, Fabric Lenny, Faunagraphic, Lee Gascoyne, Graham Ibbeson, Julie Newton, Iain Nicholls and Louise Wright.

We’ll have more about this exhibition in the coming weeks…

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