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Remains of You have gone through a number of line-up changes in the last year, and while drummer Szabo and guitarist Ruddy remain the only original members, bassist Tink, guitarist James and most recent addition vocalist Adam Welbourne complete the current line-up which has been active since late 2012.
At one point last summer, the band found themselves without a vocalist at a festival appearance. Guitarist James stepped up to the plate and despite much applause from fans, it wasn’t until Adam came on board that Remains of You really came into their own and pushed on, playing hard, fast and often – all while crafting their now recognisable sound.
Now with a great deal of support throughout the region, they release their debut record, Victims EP.

Opening with what sounds like a sample from a horror flick – deep bass synth rumbles, a woman on the run, in the background sirens wailing and the sounds of someone being beaten to a pulp. And then she whispers, ‘it’s happening again’ and then straight into first track Fell On Deaf Ears. If you’ve seen Remains of You in the last year, then this track will be instantly familiar. The song and its intro gives the track a similar feel to the start of Bleeding Through’s Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire, but without the bass heavy synths. It’s an instant punch in the gut.

After so many line-up changes, settling on the vocalist Adam Welbourne was definitely the right thing to do. During a live show, he has an imposing presence. On record he is no less impressive. Although it isn’t a deep vocal, his high-end growls and screams make him a unique force, especially on the regional circuit. He has what could be quite a versatile vocal; able to flip between hardcore and Black Metal-esque snarl at will.

The End is a real highlight for me. Its intro has a nice slow Lamb of Good groove to it and it smacks of Machine Head’s guitar sound. The song itself is another showcase for Adam’s unique vocal. Another familiar song from their live sets, though the end of the track is a little all too suden.

MVB is easily the strongest track here and is the first track/video to be released from the EP. A perfect choice for lead track – it has a tremendous pace and urgency. Whether it be Szabo’s pummeling drums, Adam’s vocal which is much more guttural this time around, the crushing hardcore guitars and the aggressive tone of the lyrics, which judging from the EP title, takes the view-point of all kind of victims, whether it be those of oppressors or those of terrible violence.
Closing track Retribution leans much more towards the bands hardcore influences, but with blast beats and banshee wails thrown in for good measure.
After less than a year with this line-up, and a constantly developing sound, Victims is a first rate debut from Barnsley’s Remains of You.

Victims EP is out soon.
In the meantime, Remains of You play KHAOS FESTIVAL in Kilnhurst on 3rd/4th August and will also be on the line-up for Dislocator’s seventh anniversary show in August – date tbc.

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