You may know of Wayne Sables from his regional dance projects or his work with young film-makers, but last month saw the launch of his new project Doodles From a Meeting.
Wayne is looking for any doodles you have produced and they may just end up in a book he is putting together. All you need to do is pop them in an envelope and post them to him or photo/scan them and email across. You can find his details on the project website,

Wayne says, ‘please include your name if you want to be credited. It would also be good to know the date of the meeting and what type of meeting it was, i.e 18/4/2013 strategy meeting Leeds etc. I will cover all postage costs too.’

Sounds like a great project to me. I asked Wayne where the idea for the project came from. He said, ‘I love doodling, and seeing other people’s doodles. I’m going to make this into a coffee table style art book and with the profits I’m going to set up a bursary scheme for people to apply to, so they can pursue there creative shizzle. I’m always doodling and think they are fascinating they are a forgotten art form.’

You can follow the Wayne Sables Project on facebook and twitter.

One of my favourite doodles from the projects website.

One of my favourite doodles from the projects website.


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