This week saw the launch of the first ever Coalfields Festival charity single. It features several bands and artists from the line-up of this year’s festival, to be held on Saturday the 27th July at Darton Cricket Club, in Barnsley.

The single – which is a pastiche of ‘We Are the World’ – has been re-written, recorded and produced within the space of two weeks at Studio 24 Recording Studio, Barnsley. The single will help raise more money for the festival’s regular chairty partners, Barnsley Hospice and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

The single is available for download now via for one pound, and is also available from Coalfields Festival for three pounds as a CD and will also feature tracks from other bands appearing at the festival. It will also be available in Debut Records in Barnsley Town Centre.

I’ve had a listen and I’ve got to say, there are some real standout performances in there from Lee England, Faye Watkinson and Glen Sutton to name but a few. Have a gander and see if you can put your favourite local singers in there.

The track was produced by Brett Jackson & Scott Doonican at Studio 24, with lyrics re-written by Scott Doonican.
The track was performed by The Coalfields All-Stars, who are as follows
Scott Doonican (The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican)
Adam Walker (Siberia)
Faye Watkinson (F.D.)
Andy Hopkins (Rakkiteers)
Luke Peary (Polyopia)
Lee England
Del Scott Miller & Sarah Evans (Mynas)
Amanda White
Andrew Lingard (24 Degrees)
Danny Pollard & Billy Marsden (Demographic)
Adam Wellbourne (Remains Of You/From The Dock)
Brendan Mcinerney & Adam Hinkles (The Silhouettes)
Glen Sutton (Skinboat)
Craig Green (Spittin’ Feathers)

Scott Doonican – Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Bouzouki, Ukulele, Banjo, Melodica, Xylophone, 40-piece vocal choir
Chris Scarfe – Bass (Mynas)
Del Scott Miller – Electric Guitar (Mynas)
Matthew Townsend – Drums

Coalfields Festival takes place on Saturday 27th July.


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