So I’d just finished work, the Christmas Lights Switch-On had done and I was off to The White Bear for my regular choice of pulled pork on something-or-other. I got there ten minutes too late though and they had stopped food service. Not a fan of Walkabout and ‘Spoons (Bramahs) being way too busy, I suggested to the wife that we try Lazy Pasta.

Lazy Pasta opened last week and is situated in the building you all once knew as Lucorum. Some folk have been complaining that Lucourm closed and also that it’s one less music venue for Barnsley. Honestly, Lucorum stopped being a quality music venue some time ago, and in my humble opinion, it lost what was nice and unique about it much earlier. Credit to owner Chris Palmer then for having the courage and clout to open up a new quality restaurant right now in Barnsley. But he is just one of a number of people who are taking the plunge and starting new businesses. The many new shops that have opened on The Arcade just this year is the perfect example. This is a good thing for Barnsley. But enough about that – what about the nom noms?

Stepping into Lazy Pasta was a really nice surprise. The interior is just as it was when Lucorum opened way back when. It looked great all cleaned up, warm and friendly. With the fire burning and welcoming smiles behind the bar, it was a nice atmosphere. The main eating area is out in the roofed yard and the table layout worked well. It was considerably cooler in there but compared to a bar with a wood burning fire, and with the snow outside, that’s maybe not a fair comment.
It’s great to be able to have a pint of bitter with my meal instead of the usual choice of bottled lager you get in restaurants. Great friendly service too by young male and female waiters, and fantastic starters of Whitebait on salad and Antipasto. We knew beforehand that we’d have pizza as a main, but if I hadn’t made my mind up already, I might have been tempted to have the Crayfish with Pernod and Asparagus Sauce. In fact, the menu was quite varied with a nice selection of both starters and deserts. The food was great and plenty and well worth the money. I couldn’t fit in a desert, but I had a gander at someone elses and they looked lovely and large too.

Nice touch… the chef came out and had a little chat with the diners. Making sure they were well and if they enjoyed the food. All genuine and very much appreciated.
The music was a bit oh hum pop, Buble, soft RnB, so it was a nice surprise to suddenly hear an unplugged Foo Fighters song.
I (we) really liked it and I’ll definitely be back. Maybe a little earlier next time as they have a 5-7pm Early Bird menu.

Genuine endorsement here. I really recommended lazy Pasta. I’ll be back again soon. Go give them a try.
X2 drinks, x2 starters, x2 pizzas cost us £30ish

I’m sure they’ll get a website up and running soon, but in the meantime, befriend them on the old Lucorum page.


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