Invisible grease
This week brought along with it the first line-up announcements for this years Live in Barnsley music festival. Among those announced was newly formed grunge act, Anaconda Vice, Taxi For Bob, Soulprint, The Hreats, The Silhouettes, Under the Influence, Ian Jefferies… and this band, Invisible Grease.
After a busy year gigging up and down the county, local indie/rock band Invisible Grease have decided to stage their own mini music festival ahead of their biggest gig to date, at Sheffield’s O2 Academy. Invisible Grease have teamed up with Indiemand Promotions and eight other local bands to present twelve hours of live music, all while raising money for the British Legion riders branch at Dodworth WMC on the 22nd February.
I gave them a bell to find out what influences Martin, Rob, Craig and Beef all bring to the band.

Martin Taylor (Drums) My main influences on my drumming range from the heavy beat of John Bonham to Remi of the Stone Roses, the 90’s brit pop scene and scooter scene are the main reason I drum today. Hopefully this brings a certain style to the grease.

Rob Pierrepont (Bass) RHCP’s Mothers Milk album primarily got me into playing bass, particularly the tracks ‘Knock me down’ and ‘Pretty little ditty’. I’ve always appreciated Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as well, the way they deliver such a good heavy sound with only 3 instruments still amazes me every time I go and watch them. There are so many influences on the way I try and play.

Craig Thawley (Rhythm/Vocals) Oasis… very cliched but these were the stand out band for me growing up. Noel’s lyrics have a heavy influence on my songwriting. The Courteeners, Bugg, Tom Odell. Even Elvis Presley still does it for me. The thing about Invisible Grease is, we’re not out to impress anyone. We write good music. If you like it, Brilliant. If not, no sweat.

Chris Thawley aka Beef (Lead guitar/Backing Vocals) I’m too hungover at the min to be wordsmithing pal. However, James Dean Bradfield is probably my favourite guitarist, underrated big time.

Invisble Grease play the Live In Barnsley festival on Saturday 21st June. The festival takes place over thirteeen vies in Barnsley town centre. Keep up to date with festival news over at
Keep up to date with future Invisible Grease gigs and releases by following


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