This week saw the second batch of acts announced for the Live in Barnsley festival. Among them was Tokyo Witch Hunt.
Tokyo Witch Hunt is fronted by barnsley multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Izzie ‘Voodoo’ Kirk. Over the years, she has performed in various acts, such as Izzie Voodoo, Eyes/Lips and Tokyo Witch Hunt. She also contributes vocals to a large number of other projects by musicians based all over the world.
I caught up with Izzie to find out about some of the records that have influenced her over the years.

What record most influenced you as a teenager? Temple of Love, the 1992 version by the Sisters of Mercy. No, I don’t know why; – it just grabbed me by the throat and shook me up and down.

What record made you want to write music? Everything. I love all different sorts of music. I wanted to put all the genres I liked together to make a new one. I’ve always avoided trying to be something specific, or trying to sound like something else, or be influenced by anyone else. What is the point in that?

Which record do you wish you’d written? Duran Duran’s Planet Earth or maybe Nirvana, Come As You Are. Or even Lily Allen’s The Fear. Whichever, I’d be loaded!!

The record that we might not expect you to like? Prog rock is not my thing, but I do love ‘Creep’ by Radiohead.

What’s the record you keep going to back to? Miami 2 Ibiza by Swedish House Mafia featuring Tinie Tempah. Heavenly driving music.

Can we have a record by your musical hero? Hysteria by Muse. How can anybody be that good at guitar, writing and singing? Very annoying but just exquisitely exhilerating.

The record that disappointed you the most? I love virtually everything that Matt Bellamy does, so Muse’s utterly awful theme for the 2012 London Olympics was a big disappointment.

What’s a record that you’re currently playing? I keep flipping between Electro House, Dubstep and Hard Trance Juno chart mixes but ended up with Neon Jungle’s Braveheart and Pendulum’s The Island.

Tokyo Witch Hunt play the Live in Barnsley festival on Saturday 21st June.
You can keep up to date with future Tokyo Witch Hunt gigs and releases by visiting

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