This month sees UPLIFT, a Creative Recovery project, sets up camp in the Barnsley village of Goldthorpe. If you’re at a loose end and need to lift your wet and windy wintery blues, then join the UPLIFT team for a over a weeks worth of art, music and general antics, from Friday, Feb 21st- Saturday March 1st.
Uplift is a programme of special creative days out designed by artists to give you a boost. Anyone signing up gets access to 3 months of UPLIFT which can include small festivals, weekend camps, special workshops and free tickets for the cinema and theatre. UPLIFTs happen in venues and locations all across Barnsley. After 3 months individuals and families are encouraged to make their own UPLIFT! “Try new things, connect with new people and discover the treasures right on your doorstep.”

Uplift organisers Helen Boutle and Hayley Youell explains, ‘this occupation aims to lift Goldthorpe. From our ‘Rock up, Pop up workshop’ on Doncaster Rd we’ll beaver away, creating poetry bunting to brighten the High St. We’ll screen-print ‘uplifting’ bags, create a backdrop for a full community event on March 1st and working with Big Local and Goldthorpe Development Group, we’ll begin to gather your most creative vision for Goldthorpe. On the streets, look out for our UPLIFT Army ‘on manoeuvres’ and join us to make your friends and neighbours an UPLIFT parcel at the local Salvation Army on 21st and 28th Feb.’

The fun culminates on Sat March 1st with ‘DIGGING UP BLACK GOLD’ 9.30-5pm; an multi-arts event and spectacle, bought together and directed by Eve Roberson involving many artists and collaborators from around the area. Through food, stories, music, poetry and art, me memoires from the miners strike of 84/85 will be shared, focusing on the resilience, solidarity and community spirit of the time. UPLIFT is supporting this event bringing music and arts workshops to enliven community spirit today! Come and pledge your ‘Act of kindness’ and connect with others over some creative fun!

  • 10-12.30pm- Soup kitchen at Comrades (Union Jack Club), decorate your own ‘Bread and Butter’ plate
  • 11.30-1.30pm various performances remembering the miners strike (out and about on the high street) inc Brass Band
  • 12.30-4.30pm- Art Workshop plus Live Music with BARSTEWARD SONS OF VAL DOONICAN and open mic. Please note that the afternoons activities are suitable for children and alcohol free

The UPLIFT project is brought to you by Creative Recovery, a people led group, passionate about getting together to make creative things happen. We harness the energies of volunteers who come through projects and in the spirit of UPLIFT want to ‘give back’. To register for UPLIFT or join the UPLIFT Army contact or call Hayley Youell on M: 07885900257
You can follow all that we do at or join us on Facebook at Creative Recovery
Call Helen Boutle on M: 078 3393 6019 for more information about occupations
Keep up to date with all Creative Recovery events by following

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