Final preparations will be under way this week for their next major exhibition. As part of their 5th birthday celebration, their gallery space will be occupied by a local artist. Local photographer Sacha Ferrier’s exhibition ‘Transience’ opens on Friday 7th March.
Ferrier has a penchant for Baroque and Dutch still life, which is evidenced in his work. The four series of photographs on display in this exhibition all relate to recent happenings in his life, including the loss of a loved one. As a promise to his late wife, and to ensure that his young son would always have a clear understanding of his mother, the images portray personal possessions, questions raised and an attempt to explain the unknown.

This week also sees Barnsley born choreographer Gary Clarke take over the Barnsley art spcae. Clarke will be working with 15 dancers and 5 musicians, to create 5 dance performances within just a week, in an intense project called Lustrum.
One of the local acts to step up to the challenge of writing and performing a piece with dancers and Gary Clarke, was local alt-rock band Everyone An Army. Check out their music here.
Each piece is created Monday to Friday and all performed together on Saturday 8 March as ‘Lustrum Aftermath’.
Winner of the 1998 Brian Glover Memorial Award, Gary Clarke is currently regarded as one of the UK’s leading contemporary dance artists who has received great appreciation for his work as a Choreographer, Director, Performer, Mentor, Teacher and Facilitator.

For more information, visit

To find out more information about both artists, hit the following links;


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