METROCKS Metrocks is a new music festival taking place at The Metrodome on Saturday 30th August. Acts announced to play the festival so far are POLYOPIA – one of the town’s leading indie bands right now, and one of the live favourites from last year’s Coalfields festival, the Leeds/Barnsley alt-rock band EUTHEMIA, ARTIZANS who were previously known as Redlights, who released a fantastic EP ‘Blinded By Street Lights’ last year, RAZOR TONES who are a local pop punk band, new groove metal band EPICINIUM, which features ex-members of Remains Of You, and DEMOGRAPHIC, who will also perform a second acoustic set on the second stage.
Also announced to play acoustic sets are DANIEL SMART, STEPH SHAW, HARRIET GRANT, TOM MASTERS, TOBY BURTON and HELENA HUNTER. Many more acts are to be announced.

This special one-off music festival which will raise money for two charities. The headliners (to be announced) chosen charity and the Keith Norton Bursary. This Bursary helps raise funds for Barnsley Youth Choir (BYC) to go on journey’s around the world to gain experience, skill and popularity.
This year, Barnsley Youth Choir are going to Latvia for the World Choir Games, but it will cost a grand total of £25,000. Our aim is to raise enough funds for The Keith Norton Bursary that we can support the choir financially after it’s trip to Riga in Latvia, but also to fund other Adventures they may go on.

This brand new festival was initially the idea of 18 year old Production Arts Barnsley College student Jay Burgin.
He says, “after expressing my ideas last year with fellow students, we decided to put on a festival because it’s what some of us want to go into. I’m heading off to Backstage Academy for University this coming Academic Year to study Live Events Production. We decided we would put on a charity festival in support of Barnsley Youth Choir, and their trip to the World Choir Games in Latvia, this July. At the moment, our team consists of five people; myself, Adam Walker (who helped start up the idea), Adam Cookson, (who’s helping with the celebrity acts and events management), Richard Bailey (From the Metrodome) and finally, Bill Allard from Transmitta.

“When we first looked into acts, we weren’t sure about who we wanted, which genres and who would sell tickets. I already knew a fair few bands around Barnsley already, but in the end we just listened to them, looked at popularity, talked to others and then decided.”



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