outsider When I first heard these guys a year ago, they had evolved from a pop-punk band, into a lo-fi, slacker alt-rock group, and certainly sounded like they were going places.
It’s been a while since then but they have finally got round to releasing the first two tracks from their forthcoming self-titled EP. We’ll have the full review in the near future but for now, here’s the run down on these first tasters.

Same Old Friends is not ‘punk’ or ‘emo’, thank God, despite the tags placed on their bandcamp page. Instead it is feedback soaked, a post-punk low-end tribal beat and vocal, soggy with despair and lost in the wall of Joy Division-come-Dinosaur Jnr noise. Love it!
And Perfect Son? With its sadly sad unwanted-son-complex lyrics; it’s Husker Du and The Pixies, complete with an anthemic chorus and a thirst for enough money to more tracks recorded. Come lads, you can do it.

I predict good things for these guys this year.
Follow Outsider on facebook here and listen to the beginnings of their EP here >

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