ss006On Friday 16th May The Civic will host a wonderful and unique performance called The Night Ball by balletLORENT.
In the year that The Civic celebrates its fifth birthday, their calendar has been full of inspiring events, and this is no exception.
Celebrating the beauty and intimacy of social dancing, The Night Ball is a truly unforgettable experience influenced by countless movement styles from Breakdancing to Quickstep. Accompanied by one of balletLORENT’s famously eclectic and inspired soundtracks, this 70 minute show is set in the round with cabaret seating. The evening continues as the dance floor and bar remain open and the DJ plays on, giving you the chance to throw your own moves as well as the rare opportunity to be partnered by one of balletLORENT’s ten professional dancers!

The Night Ball from balletLORENT on Vimeo.

FRI 16th MAY, 7pm. Tickets £12/£10 concession.
70 min show followed by open floor social dance

Fully details on the Civic website.

balletLORENT is inviting people from Barnsley and its surrounding area to get involved in cameo roles for its new production, The Night Ball, performing at The Civic on Friday 16 May 2014. We’re looking for 20 local people of all ages who fancy trying something new.
You will take part in a FREE 2 hour workshop with balletLORENT’s professional dancers where you will learn steps from a couple of dances such as the Foxtrot, Jive and Waltz. On the performance night, as the professional performance ends, you will take to the floor with the dancers before the night evolves into an open floor whereby the whole audience can join in!
You would need to be available for the following:
• Workshop – you will need to be available for a 2 hour workshop on Thursday 15 May from 6PM to 8PM at Barnsley Civic. This will be relaxed and informal, where you will meet our wonderful cast of 10 dancers and learn some simple steps.
• It is not essential, but you can also attend a dress rehearsal on the afternoon of Friday 16 May – the time will be arranged at the workshop.
• You have to be available for the performance on Friday 16 May. Bar opens at 7:30PM, performance begins at 8PM.
All who engage in a cameo role will be given ONE FREE TICKET for the performance on Friday. It will be fabulous. Prepare to fall in love with dance… No dance experience is necessary and the invitation is open to everyone between the ages 14 – 90 plus.

“Art should not leave you out in the cold; it should open the door to a possibility of a fuller, richer life. For me this happened with a performance by balletLORENT” Financial Times

“To judge by the audience’s reaction, balletLORENT has a real hit on its hands. It wasn’t just the prolonged applause at the end that bears witness to this but the audience’s eagerness to get onto the dance floor and join in as the show segued seamlessly from performance to – well, a dance” Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide

“This is not the distant, ethereal grace of classical ballet but rather it is up close and personal and sucks the audience in” Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide

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