Live In Barnsley 2014 is just days away. Over 100 acts, playing thirteen venues around Barnsley town centre. Venues are free entry and here is a map to give you directions.
LIB venues

We have already brought you details of nine of the venues and now, in this third and final part of our guide, we have a look at who’s playing The Civic, The Courthouse, The White Bear and Walkabout.
Each venue has a mix of genres and a mix of both Barnsley acts and those from around the region and in some cases, the UK – Barnsley acts will be highlights in bold font.

1200 The Doonicans Go Brass, 1300 Folkus, 1400 Worsbrough Brass, 1515 Izon Paradise Theatre, 1630 Barnsley Community Choir, 1730 Brave New Storm, 1830 Broken Flowers, 1930 Heathen Kings, 2030 Big Stripey Lies.

1230 I Like Mike, 1330 Steph & Matt, 1430 Green T, 1530 Dislocator, 1630 Bad Cardigan, 1730 This State of Ours, 1830 Belladonic Haze, 1930 Polyopia, 2030 Velcro Teddy Bears.

1230 Fluffy Gremlins, 1330 Mark Keeley, 1430 Fireheart, 1530 Kid Conventional, 1630 Ryan Young, 1730 Razortones, 1830 Wirsty White, 1930 Bluehearts, 2030 Stellavision.

1200 Mynas, 1300 Emily Worton, 1400 Tokyo Witch Hunt, 1500 McCarthy Vigil, 1600 TBC*, 1700 The Torn, 1800 The Exhibition, 1900 Stop Drop Robot, 2000 The Glavins,
2100 FINALE ‘We Are The Bands’ featuring The BarSteward Sons of Val Doonican and various musicians from the lineup of LIB 2014.
* City Of Lights was due to play Walkabout at 1600, but both have had to cancel last minute.

You can find full links to each confirmed act over on the Live in Barnsley website. For now though, here are a few of my own recommendations…

The Civic is a new venue for 2014. the Civic is an arts venues including theatre, gallery, bar and gardens. For this occasion the theatre will become a venue showcasing folk, classical, brass and experimental music. Barnsley comedy band, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, were due to be collaborating with a brass band but since that is now not happening, the band has put a shout out for fans to bring kazoos and ukuleles and to learn an E chord. Following them are Izon Paradise Theatre, who are an experimental electro act, who incorporate video and visual art into each performance. You’ll not find anything else like this at the festival.

Over at The Courthouse, Dislocator make a long awaited live return. They guys have been playing thrash metal for years now, and are as self-depricating as ever. I expect there’ll be a good crowd this these guys and a singalong with ‘Fire’. Polyopia will be playing at half seven. They became a favourite at last year’s festivals. Bit indie, bit punk, bit garage, and usually lots of chaos.

The White Bear is one of those great venues that will do you for music, beer AND food. So I imagine at some point you might end up here. Start of with Fluffy Gremlins. Last time I checked, they were all under 13 years old. They play punk and rock classics really well and are just really fun to watch. Saw them at two festivals last year and they went down a storm. They play at 12:30pm. I heard Kid Conventional went down really well last year, so I’d try to catch him this time round. I think last year he played Blah Bar – here is gets a bigger stage to showcase his laid back, acoustic tunes. I saw him do a Tom Waits cover on youtube, so that’s done it for me.

The Walkabout is kind of considered the main stage at Live in Barnsley. It does indeed have the largest stage, the best sound, the merch stand, food and at 9pm the festival finale, which at 9pm this year is The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican with members of various bands from this year’s line-up (Redmist Destruction, Broken Flowers, Folkus, Skinboat, Fireheart and I’m sure there will be more announced later.
However, before that finale, make sure you check out Mynas at Midday. Easily one of the most talented bands in Barnsley, this six piece male/female vocal lead group, are for fans of Elbow, The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. At 2pm, check out Tokyo Witch Hunt, a electro trio fronted by Barnsley’s Izzie VooDoo. Last year she played a great set at Opium, let’s see what she can do with a much bigger stage. For fans of Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and The Cure. I would also recommend The Glavins. I’ve said it before that I’m not much of an indie fan, however, The Glavins put on a good show every single time. I especially like Moscovite and Time Machine. By the time 8pm get round and these guys take to the stage, you’re be in for a real good time.

There has been way too many bands for me to mention and so I’ve only picked out a few. Each venue is pack full of fantastic bands. You can see my guides to over venues here:
Guide #1: Silvers, Shakespear, Digital Bar, Chambers, Stereo
Guide #2: Opium No10, The Londoner, Underground, Funky Budha

Have a good week. Remember to send me your reviews and photos to


Leeds' folk band Broken Flowers play The Civic at 6:30pm

Leeds’ folk band Broken Flowers play The Civic at 6:30pm


This State of Ours play The Courhouse at 5:30pm

This State of Ours play The Courhouse at 5:30pm


Sheffield rock band, Bluehearts, take to the White Bear stage at 7:30pm

Sheffield rock band, Bluehearts, take to the White Bear stage at 7:30pm

The Exhibition plays Walkabout at 6pm

The Exhibition plays Walkabout at 6pm

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