© Andrew Bellis

© Andrew Bellis

– – – – – DIRTBOX DISCO comes to tarn. Live with System of Hate at Barnsley Rock and Blues (still lovingly known at The Polish Club) 11/07/14.

Wow, Friday was absolutely brilliant, Spunk Volcano and the boys played out of their skins to entertain a very large appreciative Barnsley audience, plus quite a few who’d travelled from Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Newcastle, Derby and probably a few more I’ve missed. In the crowd are members of :- Brainbomb, X-Rippers, Abrasive Wheels, Geoffrey Oicott, Septic Psychos, Hospital Food, Kingcrows, Sons Of El Roacho and probably others.

© John Chesterton

© John Chesterton

System walk on stage at 9pm sharp and hit the stage running, straight in Insanity, then another, then another, relentlessly banging from one song to the next, only stopping for the odd drinks break, yes it’s warmer than Brazil in the Polish Club tonight and the people and loving it. It’s hot in the room and as soon as System finish their set, everyone vacates to the beer garden for a well earned breath of fresh air. This is the best System Of Hate have ever played by the way!

© Andrew Bellis

© Andrew Bellis

10-15pm and it’s Dirtbox time, the sound is perfect and everyone moves forward, Dirtbox have a bagful of songs, each one a sing-a-long classic. Lots of people have been converted tonight, one guy said, “I’ve never heard the songs before but feel like I know everyone”, high praise indeed. I had to laugh when Spunk Volcano was complaining it was hot and Weab says, “You chose to wear the balaclava!”, classic line, another Weab-ism directed at Spunk was, “Bloody Hell he must mean business, he’s tuning up now!” A great set, by a great set of lads and even an encore thrown in, just fantastic !!!

It was a great night for Barnsley Punk Promotions, System Of Hate and the people of Barnsley, Dirtbox Disco will be returning to Barnsley, they can’t wait to play again. Thanks to everyone who supported this event, you made it happen and created an incredible night !!!!!! Big big Thanks to Brian Featherstone!
Words by Pat Crawford.
Photos by Andrew Bellis and John Chesterton.

See System of Next live at The Hallcross, Doncaster on 26/07/14
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© Andrew Bellis

© Andrew Bellis


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