logo Earlier this year it was announced that filmmaker Giannis Kipreos would be producing a documentary about the festival, taking in the sites, sounds and views of local music lovers through the day.
The festival itself was another success, with an estimated 5,000 people attending to see over 100 acts play at 13 venues across the town centre.

On Friday 8th August, in partnership with The Underground, the full documentary will be launched and shown in public for the first time. The evening will also showcase a selection of some of the acts that played the festival. Dislocator, a local self-deprecating Thrash Metal, with socio-political overtones; Black Vines, the ever popular mix of mucky grunge, blues and garage rock and finally singer/songwriter Jake Sharpe.

I caught up with filmmaker Giannis Kipreos to find out a little more about the film, and why he got onboard with the project:

“The film is a behind the scenes look at what sort of organisation goes into arranging a metropolitan music festival like Live in Barnsley. To be frank, I approached the Live in Barnsley team because I wanted to be involved with the festival. I also watched their previous videos from last year’s event and noticed that I could also help them quite a lot by providing a plethora of professional content to help promote the LIB image and also help promote LIB in general.
I met with Dave and John and after hashing out an agreement I became part of the team. I hope to be involved next year and make an even longer documentary as part of the LIB team. With more planning and production funds this documentary could develop into something big that could help Barnsley gain long needed exposure in the media industry.”

How was the day for you?
“The day was very busy for me. I made over ten videos in one day, so it was exhausting. When you’re behind the lens you don’t really take in what’s being said/happening because you are focusing on so many other things (audio, composition, light, etc), especially if you’re a one man crew like I am. So it’s always nice to watch the footage at home to reflect, in the peace and quiet of your own office.”

If anybody would like to show their support to Live in Barnsley and Giannis, then copies of the Live in Barnsley documentary will be on sale for anyone who wants a physical for a mere £5

with live music from DISLOCATOR, BLACK VINES and JAKE SHARPE
click the link for The Underground’s full August listings >

Here are just a few of the short Live in Barnsley films Giannis has produced so far. The full documentary will be released next week.

See more videos by Giannis Kipreos on his youtube channel by clicking this image.

See more videos by Giannis Kipreos on his youtube channel by clicking this image.

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