Movin On
From Elsecar to Sheffield, I peer out of the window. It is a lacklustre, laborious and uninteresting train journey home. My head in the clouds, I plug in the headphones and listen (for the first time) to Barnsley’s latest Troubadour; Mr Danny Smart. The EP is aptly titled ‘Moving On’. I feel this may an interesting journey to town.

Opening with ‘She’s Mine’, it is one man and his guitar with a lament to the girl he’s with. It’s a strong vocal, harbouring some sharp acoustic arrangements. I am easily impressed. I wonder if she’s a Barnsley lass!

Track two is ‘New Man’, a funkier offering and less sparse production. This is definitely 2014, imagine if George Ezra was from Elsecar, certainly not a criticism; the girl from ‘She’s Mine’ appears to have gone as Danny is ‘a new man with a new life, no wife needed in this life’. I enjoy the harmonious backing vocals and lyrical alliteration.

The title track is a country tinged affair; the girl has really gone now. ‘Going out with girls and thinking about the world’ as another relationship goes. The production is slightly fuller around the middle of this record, with a rather lovely lead melody. I think the young and rambunctious amongst us will certainly relate to the songs theme. It’s the end of the relationship but it’s all about ‘Moving On’. I now feel this to be the motif of this album.

I’m right! ‘Love Aint On My Side’ is another melodically strong nod to country records – musically and lyrically dealing with a break up. It certainly doesn’t lack any creativity and is quite frankly unique, to the rockier indie sounds of Barnsley 2014.

The train pulls into Sheffield to cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ and it’s the closing track on the EP. I remain unsure as to whether it’s sarcastic or serious cover. However, the original material preceding that, makes me wonder what more Smart has to offer…

Words by Ryan Oxley

The Moving On EP is now via
Ryan Oxley is the Friday night indie DJ on Penistone 95.7FM, On Air, On Line and on your mobile.

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