Band photoIt’s nearly the end of another year for Barnsley music and as we sail into November, those Christmas adverts are slowly arriving and the time has come to get rushed and crushed in the shops. Before that though, I open my last window in the musical advent calendar of 2014 to review ‘Commercial Breakdown’ the new EP from Barnsley Indie boys ‘A.K.A Pipeline’.

Recorded at Big Sky records with HITOMI guru Josh Ingoldmells at the helm, the opening track is ‘Evader’. Strong punchy rhythm guitars are thrown on the table, distinctive vocals and a melodic melody to this mismatched love story. A sonnet of a cool romance, a short burst of indie charm. I’m in.

The title tracks opening spoken-word sample is easily Oasis in their heavier sounding ‘F***ing in the Bushes’ incarnation. It’s a droning rhythm guitar section, encompassing a tight and clear drum production. The repetitive chorus of ‘Commercial Breakdown’ makes a memorable affair yet fading too quickly.
A piercing punk punch continues this debut E.P. and it wouldn’t be a Northern Indie E.P. without a track referencing the locale and to the infamous ‘boys night out’; ‘Wellington Street’ is easily that. Imagine the Arctic Monkeys riffing off down Peel Street after a few pints, and your half the way there. It fades before I wish but the point is certainly made. Short strident flashes of indie anyone?

My favourite EP track is ‘Why Did I Dance With You?’ It is an incredibly un-unique take on a songs subject matter but as a band piece, it’s easily the catchiest. Progressive chord shapes, a collective band sound and more modern sound, as oppose to the early 00s Oasis and the 70s punk influence of the previous tracks. No criticism intended. Influence and progression is essential to curate a new indie sound and growth is desirable. Certainly a local floor filler if ever I’ve heard one.
Words: Ryan Oxley

A.K.A. Pipeline feature Tye Yould (vocals), Liam Egan (guitar), Jamie Whitworth (bass) and Macauley Bartley (drums). Read more about them at
A.K.A. Pipeline will feature live on The Indie Show on Friday 14th November on PenistoneFM at 8PM with local Indie DJ Ryan Oxley.
EP cover

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