BWS COVERJust one third of this band are from Barnsley, but nevertheless, they sent me their EP to review. I really liked it, so I’m going to review it. Formed just this summer, Bull In The Whisky Shop is a new alternative rock band consisting of Barnsley’s Emily Carney (formerly of Majority Vote) on guitars and Manchester musicians James Blake also on guitars and Henry Keck on drums. I’m honestly not sure about the name, I think simply Bull would have been better. That aside, the band have created quite a sound and one that is right up my street. I love to hear a band that pull from Alternative-Rock of the 90s, especially when you hear not one ounce of Nirvana. I am also always keen to hear boy/girl vocals. Opener, Something Right is sharp, nasty and after a minute and a half in, the song is strangled to within an inch of its life by white noise and white heat, until it’s slapped round the face and brought back to life for one last shouty chorus – if you can call it a chorus. Thurston Moore is wiped all over the muffled face of Lion Real. I’m not sure whether or not the muted production of the vocal here is meant to sound under-done but I like it anyway. For a moment, I’m thinking it’s the least interesting track of the four, until the shimmer of the backing vocals slide in mid-way and the chants of ‘you were a lion’ lift the song to greater heights. The spirit of Karen-O lingers. It’s beautiful and it should have definitely been dragged out longer. Demure, is firmly rooted in the 90s, but weaving through the feedback, are elements dream pop and shoegaze. The sound of Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy seeps through in the vocals as does the urgency of Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Régine Chassagne’s call to arms. Dedication thunders in like a quality Goo-era Sonic Youth track or early Placebo, with its fuzz-box guitars and low-end galloping drums. leading the way is Emily Carney’s delicate vocals, reminiscent of Katie Jane Garside. She has a unique rhythm and stutter to her vocals, and is backed by the pow-pow vocals of James and Henry. When singing in unison, the band sound vocally androgynous, it’s both pleasant and unique. Photo on 04-11-2014 at 21_FotordI actually really fucking love what’s going on here and there is so much potential too. However, I’d love to hear the songs dragged out a little bit longer. Often when a brand new band releases a full album or an extended EP, I think it’s way too much, but here, Bull In The Whiskey Ship should be offering up at least six tracks – especially if they are all of this quality. This self-titled debut EP is an online version of an extended, re-mastered version that will see light of day early next year. Apparently, this track, Envy is Exclusive, is going to be featuring of the version due next year, which makes me even more eager to hear what’s coming and to check them out live. It’s like Warpaint fronted by Win Butler. I’m really looking forward to see how Bull… moves forward. The band are playing dates throughout the north right throughout Autumn and Winter, with further dates due for London, Liverpool and Wales due soon. Follow Bull In The Whiskey over on their facebook page and check out the EP on their souncloud page.

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