Coalfields posterIt’s July, which means it’s Coalfields Festival time! The five stage that hosted music last year’s are back again on a new date. Last year’s festival took place on a very busy day of South Yorkshire festival, with Tramlines, Underneath the Stars and small local events like Wombfest all taking place on the same day. This year, Coalfields organisers have decided to hold the event on a different date to avoid those clashes, though it was never really clear as to if last year’s clash affected attendance. While, many local rock and indie fans no doubt went to Tramlines, Coalfields does have its very regular and reliable followers. And so, as well as five stages of live music, you will also have fairground rides, stalls, hot food and a bar, for which beer tokens are for sale. The main thing most of you will want to know is the line-up, so here goes:

COALFIELDS – MAIN STAGE The main stage is a controversial one, as it contains no original music and instead hosts a small number of tribute and covers acts, although it is notable for being opened this year by Laura Kelly, a musician who is known for playing on the ‘original’ and open mic circuits rather than the ‘club circuit’, despite playing covers. Her act involved using lots of effects pedals and loopers, which enables her to sound like an entire band with backing singers and she has gained lots of respect locally for this. I have seen both Sonnet and Jaggered before, and they’re both highly recommended, if you want to see a tribute act. 1:00 LAURA KELLY 2:15 VAGABOND 3:30 SONNET 4:45 CONTROL FREAK 6:00 HARRY MYATT BAND 7:15 JAGGERED 8:45 DJ SHAUN BANGER SCOTT

*nb. It has just been announced today that the Paul Gilmartin/Bri Shaugnessy version of THE DANSE SOCIETY will now play this stage. A fantastic addition and an important local band too.

COALFIELDS – ALT STAGE The Alt Stage, a mix of alt-rock, indie and metal, is curated by the band Black Vines. often you’ll find the most varied types of acts here. Highlights include two of the most talked about local rock bands of the last few years, Cavorts and Hands Off Gretel, and the popular indie rock band New Road Kings. 1:00 SCOTCH & COKE 1:30 TANK & BOOTH 2:15 MOURNING SINGERS 3:00 NEW ROAD KINGS 3:45 STELLAVISION 4:30 BLACK VINES 5:15 LISA BENTLEY 6:00 A FAR SUPERIOR PRIMATE 6:45 MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN 7:30 HANDS OFF GRETEL 8:15 CAVORTS www.facebook.com/blackvinesclub

COALFIELDS – NOIZE ASSAULT STAGE A regular sight at the festival is the Noize Assault stage run by Hannah Eatwell. Dedicated to all things metal and alt-rock. A big name on the stage this year is Sheffield’s Immension who have had lots of coverage in the UK metal press this year. Terroriser magazine said “Immension mix the worshipful riffmaking of In Flames and Metallica with charismatic vocals and melodic guitar instrumentation with hints of Iron Maiden… jam-packed full of promise.” Also noted is the live return of local death metal band CF Bundy and the brilliant alt-rock band Antesaint, a must for bands of Foos, Paramore and Fightstar. 1:00 VOODOO SMILE 2:00 FOLLOW THE LION 3:00 ACES HIGH 4:00 FLUFFY GREMLINS 5:00 IMMENSION 6:00 IT’S OWN MACHINE 7:00 CF BUNDY 8:00 ANTESAINT www.facebook.com/NoizeAssault

COALFIELDS – BURN DOWN THE DISCO STAGE Local music promoters have been a promoters of Coalfields since the beginning, and then M-Fest before that (until Morrisons claimed the name as theirs). This year’s line-up is their most varied in a long while, showcase a mix of alternative rock, indie, pub rock, folk and shoegaze, with acts from both the immediate borough and around the UK. Make sure you check out local new act Cubic who are a must for fans of late 80s/early 90s indie and shoegaze, and Doncaster’s Martin Black who plays some mean folk and blues. You’d also do good to check out Sheffield’s Bear Chest, a trio creating riffs influenced from the sounds Sabbath, Zeppelin, Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age. MARK JACKSON’S CRIMINAL WASTE OF TALENT CUBIC MARTIN BLACK BEAR CHEST THE BLACKRAYS SABELLA One more act and times TBC Band’s will be followed by Burn Down the Disco’s Indie Disco until close. www.facebook.com/burndownthediscouk

COALFIELDS – STUDIO 24 STAGE Studio 24 is a local recording studio and rehearsal space. Here the studios very own stage hosts a selection of acts that have passed through its doors, with a selection of punk, acoustic, indie and mod. GEORGE REID KEYSTONE WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS DANNY SMART & THE NORTHERN SONS INVISIBLE GREASE VOGONS SUBJECT PAVILION OPEN MIC SESSION www.facebook.com/Yorkshirestudio

For up to date news about Coalfields Festival, follow facebook.com/CoalfieldsFestival COALFIELDS

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