Let’s get this out of the way, then we can all move on; Overload are very young indeed (the drummer being just 13…). With that now established, I’m going to try to avoid too many ‘given their comparatively tender years’ type references to their collective age. Apologies in advance if any slip the net. Onwards.
The cover of ‘Just For Now’ (an obligatory 3-track demo recorded at Sheffield’s Big Dog Studios last year) is graced by three young gentlemen who could easily be a Bieber/McFly skin graft experiment. Thankfully, that’s where the similarities with either of those aural atrocities end. ‘Stop Lying’ is founded on a simple, ‘classic rock’ riff redolent of Slash’s more recent releases, and perhaps influenced by Queen’s heavier efforts. The vocals (Kane Barton) display a confidence that belie the lad’s age (there’s one…), and, although all of the songs components are tried and tested, they’re rehashed with authority.
‘Flash of Light’ demonstrates a bit of range, starting with some far lighter and sunnier guitar (recalling Foo Fighters’ ‘Times Like These’) and a very modern mainstream rock vocal delivery. When the song picks up, The Kings of Leon influence is very much apparent, but the frenetic, incessant vocal melody more than makes up for the slight plagiarism – few singers of such tender years (two…) are anywhere near as good as he. Spot on.
‘Hard and Clear’ is less memorable and more formulaic than the previous songs hereon, relying greatly on repetition (the lazy ‘Woo oo oo oo chorus could easily have been avoided, given their talent). However, the guitar solo shows remarkable maturity, leaning towards hooks and riffs that players of this style with 15, 20 years behind them would be proud to trot out.
Their songwriting is concise and rarely overcooked, the performances are tight and the frontman shows incredible promise, both vocally and instrumentally. With more attention paid to production and a few more years’ songwriting experience, they’re bound to win over current followers of Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, etc. Massive potential, given their compara… you understand.

– Clare Trumpet.

Overload official facebook page


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